How to reach health and well-being
goals using the phone app:

The "Make-a-Change" feature of the phone app was developed by Dr. Santor at the University of Ottawa. The goal of this feature of the phone app is to help people target and achieve a number of health and well-being goals, such as being more active, dealing with stress, feeling more optimistic and positive. This feature of the phone app work in conjuction with one of a number of two-hour workshops that can be delievered in small face-to-face groups or online. The Make-a-Change learning materials can only be accessed with a premium account. If your group has purchase a site license, the Make-a-Change modules you have accessed can be found when you click on this button on the main page. 


Dealing with stress and setbacks.
The dealing with stress and setbacks module teaches the core components of stress management while relying on a number of core skills from cognitive behavioural therapy. The Stick-to-the-facts ™ Workshop is comprised of four parts. In part one, participants learn about how stress is defined and how stress is managed. In part two, participants learn about negative thoughts and worries, who they affect mood, behaviour, how we think about ourselves, and how they undermine our performance at work and school. In part three, participants will learn to track three to four behavioural targets, designed to improve moods, behaviour and performance. For more information about the workshop and pricing, please click here.